RF Communications: Professional & Trusted Turnkey Solutions

MVP Solutions takes your business to the Next Level

MVP Solutions specializes in in-building RF Communications. Turnkey solutions for Public Safety, UHF, VHF, and cellular distributed systems.  If you need any solution to meet your RF needs, MVP Solutions has the experience and expertise to make it happen.  20+ years of designing, installing, testing, & optimizing all manufacturers, all bands, all frequencies, all technologies, across millions of square feet.

Mike of MVP Solutions has the knowledge and experience to take on any task in his field of expertise and knock it out of the park, it’s a good feeling to have a teammate...

Trevor JonesSr. Superintendent, Diaz Fritz Group

We partner with a wide array of industries & provide exceptional services for:

New Commercial Buildings

Public Safety Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement Systems Design/Engineering

Retrofitting Buildings

MVP Solutions can help existing building owners ensure that they will meet the requirements for ERRC

Construction Contractors

General Contractors, Fire Alarm Contractors, Electrical Contractors

Education Facilities

Public Safety- As school boards across the state and country are testing, budgeting, and installing ERRCS systems the MVP staff has been involved.

Healthcare Facilities

MVP Solutions brings the experience and understanding of maintaining the highest standards and follows ICRA requirements.

Local Government

MVP Solutions staff has helped many AHJ's in this educational process by providing a credited continuing educational classes for hundreds of Fire Marshall's, Inspectors, & County/City Radio Department officials.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

Scope of Work -Whether it’s a small one antenna system or large public venues such as Conventions Centers, Stadiums, Racetracks, or Hospitals, the MVP staff has been involved in every aspect of project deployment. While others specialize in one or two areas of project deployment, we are the one-stop shop to take care of your entire build.

Industry Expertise – Our staff has been working in RF Communications at the highest level and longer than almost any company in the country. With our experience working on projects across the state, we have established relationships with many of the AHJ’s.  This provides us with tremendous insight into each AHJ’s requirements since each jurisdiction has different requirements.  This includes testing, permitting, installation, and more.

You wouldn’t hire an RF expert to install your electrical or fire alarm system needs.  You should work with a dedicated RF team to design and install your RF distributed system. Your Certificate of Occupancy depends on it. Electrical and Fire Alarm companies rely on our team at MVP Solutions, to meet their RF needs.

Professionalism – Instead of hiring us to fix a problem from a faulty system or installation, or a partner that can’t deliver results on time,  Hire MVP Solutions from the start. We pride ourselves in being Meticulous, Versatile, & Professional.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Excellence Together