Custom solutions for General Contractors, Fire Alarm Contractors, and/or Electrical contractors.

General Contractor, Fire Alarm Contractor, & Electrical Contractor Services

As the Public Safety/BDA industry moves forward and are now a requirement for all new commercial buildings the scope of work for many of these systems fall on the responsibility of the awarded General Contractor, Fire Alarm Contractor, or Electrical contractor. MVP Solutions is here to be a part of your team keeping your project on track for its Certificate of Occupancy and keeping you and your team free to handle what you do best. Each building is unique when it comes to designing and installing a Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement System.

MVP Solutions offers consulting services, testing, engineering & design, installation, & annual maintenance. We can tailor any and all services we provide to work with your team. Relying on us to be your subject matter expert will ensure you have planned, properly budgeted, permitted, and addressed all requirements associated with ERRC systems.

Our 20+ years of Two-Way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems gives us the advantage on how to plan, test, install, and optimize these systems to keep the cost of installing a system to a minimum. Our established relationships with all manufacturers and many of the AHJ's throughout Florida help us stay up to date with new products & code requirements in this fast-changing industry. With MVP Solutions staying ahead of the curve and being your expert, you will stay ahead as well.

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