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We’ve worked with various industries and all types of projects, but we find there are some common questions from our partners and things that surprise those new to working with us.  These are some great things to think about as you look for a qualified DAS solution for your project:

1: There is a lot more to DAS than just installing cable and mounting antennas.

DAS/Emergency Communications Systems are truly their own trade and require knowledge and expertise to do properly. Knowing how to correctly design a system, optimize it, and troubleshoot problems takes a high level of RF knowledge and understanding. Along with RF expertise, you also must truly understand the code that is written strictly for Emergency Communications Systems. I believe once most General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, and Fire Alarm Contractors have had the chance to meet and speak with us they truly then understand the value MVP Solutions bring to a project. We help make sure each project is correctly designed, permitted, and then executed on time during the proper phase to assure the building owner receives their Certificate of Occupancy on time.

  1. Partners Often Incorrectly Assume Their High-Rise Building Will Not Need A DAS Solution

We often hear from the field: “This building is not going to require one.” Well, in our 20+ years of experience the vast majority of buildings we test are going to fail in some way shape or form. Maybe not the entire building, but portions of the building and critical areas. The code relating to Public Safety minimum signal level requirements has been around since 2010 and is the responsibility of the building owner or GC just like electricity, fire alarming, fire sprinkler system, etc. Although many Authorities Having Jurisdiction started enforcing it 7 to 8 years ago it is not going away and as the code evolves and AHJ’s continue to learn and enforce, it is the GC’s responsibility of the building owner or GC: just like electricity, fire alarming, fire sprinkler system, etc.

  1. Code Specifics Can Vary by City and County

One common item that many of our partners are surprised at is how many variations of the code each city and county has made within their own jurisdiction. From differences in the year of the code being enforced or allowed to specific alterations to what testing needs to be done, the city-to-city and county-to-county code difference examples are numerous. For example, the testing acceptance requirements and plan details in the neighboring cities of Largo and Clearwater, FL are different enough that one process would not be accepted by the other. Even differences between counties and the cities that reside within those counties have major code variations. All told, the number of variations between two buildings that are in separate jurisdictions — even said buildings is only 100 ft apart — can be overwhelming to keep track among our partners or those less experienced in the industry. This is just one reason to hire an established and reputable DAS integrator, it is our job to understand the who, what, and where for all related DAS requirements. With our knowledge of where a particular job is permitted, we can more accurately predict your project costs.

  1. DAS is not just 700/800MHz Public Safety

DAS stands for distributed antenna system. There is an array of RF communications that rely on DAS to meet their needs. Private LTE, UHF, VHF, Cellular, 900 paging, etc. MVP Solutions can do it all. As the world changes quickly with technology, the demand for Cellular or Private LTE changes quickly as well. I think most individuals feel their cell phones should work everywhere they go and rely on them more than ever. With this comes a cost to carriers, businesses, building owners, municipalities, and customers. Each of these groups will have a dollar amount in mind of how much it should cost. There are plenty of people out there that choose vacation destinations, apartment/living locations, & recreational hobbies based on these needs. We help fill those needs with various solutions that help meet demand and budget.

  1. Working with an Unproven DAS Team Can Cost You More Time and Money Than You Think

We have seen quite of few expensive mistakes over the years. One that comes to mind is a hospital that had permitted and installed an entire DAS throughout the facility. At that time the plans reviewer and company that installed it, did not understand the code to its fullest. After the final inspection it was then brought to everyone’s attention that pathway survivability and fire enclosure ratings were not met. The entire system had to be removed/decommissioned and re-installed to meet code requirements.