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With the advent of cellular phones, especially the major smartphone push that started in 2007, cell phones have become an unquestioned companion for all while they are out and about. With the reliance on cell phones comes the expectation that cellular coverage can support people wherever they go. While cellular carriers have worked hard to ensure that people everywhere are connected outdoors, cellular reception has always and continues to suffer while indoors.

With energy-conscious modern building designs, the same materials that do a great job with energy conservation, unfortunately, have an adverse effect on the RF signal within a building.

This inevitably leads most buildings to suffer from poor cellular reception, dropped calls, or even no connectivity. The outcome of all this? Frustrated customers, tenants, or building owners who just want their phones to work while they are in the facility. Most building owners resign themselves to the belief that this is the tradeoff for having a LEED-compliant building and there is no solution. However, that is far from the truth as there are many options to improve indoor cellular coverage, with one of the best being the Cel-Fi product line.

The Cel-Fi product line features scalable in-building cellular systems that are cost-efficient and easy-to-deploy solutions for delivering high-quality signals in venues. As a hybrid solution that combines the best of active DAS and Smart Booster technologies, Cel-Fi offers the best solutions for addressing poor public safety communication and cellular coverage in the enterprise, business, IoT, remote, residential, and mobile environments.

As a certified partner, MVP Solutions is trained in designing and installing a Cel-Fi solution that fits your specific building’s challenges. No matter the size of the building or environment, MVP Solutions and Cel-Fi have a solution that will fit your cellular improvement needs.

For more information on Cel-Fi solutions and how MVP Solutions can help please call 727-674-5962 or email and to discuss options for testing your building and installing a system.