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We’ve had various conversations regarding supply chain concerns in our line of work, it seems every industry and project has been affected in some way.  Initially, electronics were a major delay holding up completed installations and CO’s.  Recently, the coaxial cable supply chain has become a problem in preventing some projects from even getting started, let alone completed. Currently, jobs cannot even get started let alone finished if coaxial cable supply chain is affected. MVP Solutions has sourcing with all major RF distributors within the United States.  As a proactive partner, we pride ourselves on keeping them up to date of what our projected needs are going to be throughout the year.

However, we’ve seen that DAS is usually the last aspect of a job that GC’s and building owners plan for or commit to.  For the most part, it is a last-minute consideration yet our partners need this as soon as possible to open their buildings.  The best practice during these uncertain times is signing contracts and letters of intent as early as possible to secure equipment for your project.  This can sometimes be the difference in opening buildings on time and completing a successful project.